The EUPOS® (European Position Determination System) initiative is a newly emerging European partnership of public administrations and institutes working in the field of geographic information, land surveying and geodetic survey. These public organisations have already made a substantial effort to bring together experts which are willing to considerably extend the scope of activity and to produce tangible results which have a positive effect on regional development. EUPOS-IRC is supported by public administrations in the EU from Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and from the third countries Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. Aim of EUPOS-IRC is to promote the use of the satellite positioning and geoinformation services of EUPOS® for all regional development tasks that need to position their information. Therefore a long-term co-operation between the partner institutions and experts for regional development will be established.
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is proud to host the EUPOS® Know-How Office in Lithuania.