The EUPOS®-IRC operation idea has originated from the work of the EUPOS initiative, which is an emerging European partnership of public bodies, which is aiming at promoting the use of satellite positioning. The operation will be supported by this partnership. Most EUPOS®-IRC partners are EUPOS initiative members. After the acceptance of the project application, the implementation of the operation will be completed. The Lead Partner will sign the subsidy contract and will make sure, that a consortium contract is signed by all partners as the legal basis for the co-operation of the partners in this operation. A Financial Manager will be sub-contracted who will act in co-operation with the Lead Partner. External national auditors will be sub-contracted or central auditing authorities will be contacted. The Lead Partner will organise the establishment of the EUPOS®-IRC Steering Committee. The Project Manager will monitor the Component activities and assist in administrative matters during the project. The EUPOS®-IRC Steering Committee will be responsible for the overall supervision of the project management, decisions concerning the project budget, the monitoring of the quality of operation outputs, the approval of progress reports and the clarification of important strategic questions in the operation. The EUPOS®-IRC Steering Committee will consist of representatives who are nominated by each partner itself. The EUPOS®-IRC Steering Committee will meet at least once half a year. It will also assure the co-ordination between the Components and the production of operation outputs, monitor the management of the Components and decides upon Component activities. Component Leaders will co-ordinate the activities within the Components. They will report to the EUPOS®-IRC Steering Committee. The Financial Co-ordinator will especially take care of the overall controlling, reporting, auditing and payments. Component 1 will make sure that the progress reports, including the final report and the preparation cast report, are produced and submitted every six months and that a project controlling has an overview of the budget, the reported costs, the auditing and the payments. For the financial issues, the Lead Partner will co-operate with the partner representatives. For the monitoring and reporting of the activities, the Lead Partner will mainly work with the Component Leaders. The consortium intends to launch invitations to tender in order to involve external experts for specific tasks.
                  Creation phases of EUPOS®-project:
The main characteristics of EUPOS® GNNS network: