The management of the project EUPOS is performed by:

  • International EUPOS Steering Committee (ISC),
  • National EUPOS Service Centres (NSC) and
  • International Workshops "EUPOS - Multifunctional GNSS Reference Station Systems for Europe"


The EUPOS International Steering Committee (ISC)

The International EUPOS Steering Committee and its office are established during the first Workshop "Multifunctional GNSS Reference Station Systems for Europe" held in Berlin in March 2002 All EUPOS countries are invited to name at least one representative for the ISC. At the moment the ISC consists of 15 members. The main tasks of the ISC are the following:

  • Project coordination and management,
  • Agreements with the NSC,
  • Agreements with the manufacturers,
  • Dissemination of information,
  • Organisation of EUPOS workshops and symposia,
  • Reporting about the state of the project on the workshop "EUPOS - Multifunctional DGNSS Reference Station Systems for Europe",
  • Product definition,
  • Clarification of technical questions,
  • Standardisation,
  • Organisation and coordination of software and hardware tests in case of developments in agreement with the EUPOS standards, carried out by National EUPOS Service Centres and manufacturers,
  • Support of the countries in training the technical staff.

Members of the International EUPOS Steering Committee

Janis Balodis, Latvia
Arunas Buga, Lithuania
István Fejes, Hungary
Vladimir Gvozdev, Russian Federation
Peter Hankemeier, Germany
Katarina Leitmannová, Slovakia
Georgi Milev, Bulgaria,
Oleg Odalovi?, Serbia and Montenegro
Prit Pihlak, Estonia
Gerd Rosenthal, Germany (Chairman of the ISC)
Tiberiu Rus, Romania
Ural Samratov, Russian Federation
Jaroslav Šimek, Czech Republic
Janusz ?ledzi?ski, Poland
Gerhard Wübbena, Germany


National EUPOS Service Centre (NSC)

The EUPOS countries need to build an adequate management structure in order to handle the tasks related to the establishment and maintenance of EUPOS in their own countries. In every EUPOS country an "National EUPOS Service Centre" should be established in order to deal with the tasks of planning, establishment and maintenance of the national EUPOS network. Beyond these activities, the most important tasks of the EUPOS Service Centre are the following:

  • Contact with the International EUPOS Steering Committee and its office,
  • Performing the "national" work like reporting, evaluation etc. in the context of the EU project,
  • Coordination of the interests and the activities of the national authorities and other governmental bodies,
  • Checking the integrity of the network,
  • Testing software and hardware in agreement with the International EUPOS Steering Committee and their own interests,
  • Providing adequate information for the users about the status of the network,
  • Organisation of educational and training courses for the technical staff and the users,
  • Increasing awareness among potential users,
  • Transferring the international development trends and contributes to the EUPOS developments,
  • Contributing to the EUPOS application development in the host country by technology transfers or by own activities.

The National EUPOS Service Centres should have adequate communication links to the EUPOS reference stations and the necessary computing power and equipment. It should dispose the highly qualified, competent and motivated manpower.


International Workshops

"EUPOS - Multifunctional GNSS Reference Station Systems for Europe"

The initiative for the project EUPOS started out of the workshop "Multifunctional GNSS Reference Station Systems for Europe" that took place in Berlin in March 2002. This workshop should be organised once a year as an information platform on a broader base, thus to enable the necessary exchange of experience and information, to discuss and create further developments of EUPOS and to increase the identification with the system. These workshops will be organised by the International EUPOS Steering Committee.





International Steering Committee Office (ISCO)
Project coordinator:  Dipl. Ing. Gerd Rosenthal,
  Head of the Section Geodetic Survey,
  3-dimensional Geodesy Senate Department for Urban Development
  Division III - Geoinformation, Land Surveying, Valuation,
  Section III B - Geodetic Survey, 3-dimensional Geodesy
  Fehrbelliner Platz1
  D-10707 Berlin
  Phone: +49 30 90 12 56 15
Fax: +49 30 90 12 37 09