The main goal of this Component is the interregional and international exchange of experience in the field of geoinformation and satellite-based positioning as well as multi-purpose applications in the sectors of regional development. A set of measures will be taken to introduce a systematic and thus effective exchange of experience. The methods are chosen corresponding to the special needs of the regions. This exchange of experience has a couple of dimensions: It should take place between regional development and geoinformation/satellite positioning experts, between representatives from several countries/regions as well as amongst satellite positioning experts. Since there is also varying expertise in Central and East European regions, clear synergy effects shall be obtained from an interregional co-operation. The activities will be supervised and supported by the EUPOS® initiative organisation as international competence centre and the EUPOS®-IRCKnow-how Offices, which will be established by Component 2. Technical study visits for satellite positioning experts will take place which give the opportunity to get to know advanced positioning systems on the spot (at least one from each new member state partner, if possible also from third country partners). One regional user workshops will take place in Riga especially for participants from LV and LT but also from other EUPOS countries. Potential users of geoinformation/positioning applications will be informed about the benefits of the technologies in order to create awareness for the benefits. Experts coming from all sectors of regional development, policy makers, industry partners, service providers will be invited. These workshop will provide a platform for the presentation of the technology and the discussion of relevant sustainable multi-sectoral applications in order not only to inform about the possibilities but also to hear about the requirements of the potential users. Moreover, one training course for Polish experts will take place in PL, where the national EUPOS® network will be built up in 2006 by national ERDF funds. The course will be given on the establishment of satellite positioning technology and the implementation of multi-sectoral applications, in order to train in using EUPOS® for all regional development tasks. All activities will be supported by advertising, awareness creation and dissemination measures such as presentations given by all EUPOS®-IRCexperts on corresponding national and international events. The Component work is co-ordinated by a Component Working Group (CWG3) which will meet once in the beginning and then work shall be done by e-mail exchange. The CWG 3 will be supported by the EUPOS®-IRCKnow-how Offices. Travel costs for CWG3 meetings are calculated in C1, meetings are held in connection with IRC SC meetings. Only money for additional members and additional journeys are calculated here. All reports will be published on the operation´s web page.